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Much has been written about The Baby Boomer Generation both good and bad, the fact is this generation changed our world.  We are now set to change our world again, and this time around we have all the wisdom, experience, knowledge wealth and sheer force of numbers to redeem ourselves, create a better world and leave a positive lasting legacy for our children and our children’s children. We are morally obliged to bring about this transformation.  

For five decades, the boomers dominated popular culture. The media didn’t just watch them, it analyzed their every move. Because of their massive numbers, everything they did not only took on a greater importance, it was transformed: when they ate food, the snack, restaurant and supermarket industries emerged. Merely by seeing their doctors, healthcare systems were created. They transformed technology, the investment market, and the fashion and automobile industries. Interpersonal relationships, psychological therapy, and sex roles and practices would never be the same.

On matters of multiculturalism, race, women’s and gay rights and sexuality the new generation are quietly accepting of behaviors, that prior to the 1960’s were well outside the mainstream.  In other words the new generations are accepting behaviors for which their parents fought.

Baby boomers have also created some of the most intriguing and scientific technological innovations, amongst them The World Wide Web.
In all fairness we have to take note of how we are viewed by some of the younger generations and I quote;

“The Baby Boomers protested the Establishment extensively in the 1960s which is ironic since today, most of the Boomers make up the Establishment”

“With modern medicine and a society that is increasingly health-conscious, the boomers are guaranteed to live on for decades beyond their utility, leeching off their posterity (a younger generation smaller than their predecessors) to the very end.”

“The Baby Boomer generation is the wealthiest, most prosperous generation, to ever live in humanity’s entire history and yet their governance has left us with the largest debt ever and has probably bankrupted their children and their grandchildren. Way to go Boomers. You’re right. You really did change the world. Could you please stop, now”

We smile inwardly, and have to recognize the truth in some of these statements. We are not going away, we will not turn our backs on what has been described as the biggest sinkhole of the 21st Century.  We are viewed as the problem, the creators of this sinkhole. We can be the solution.  Let us be remembered for how we play the next few innings in our game of life and go down in history as the generation who crossed generations and changed the world again, only this time to leave it a better place.


Ageing seems to be the only available way to live a long time
Daniel Francois Esprit Auber

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